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Ashford designs, manufactures and installs, made to order structural steel and racking supported mezzanine floors.

All our floors are designed and manufactured to engineers specifications and are 100% certified after installation is complete.


Ashford designs, manufactures and installs, made to order warehouse and distribution caging and fencing.

We also supply and install razor tape fencing and other security fencing products.



Specifically designed and developed for South African Hyper & Super Store operations.

• Easy assembly & adjustment

• Extensive range of accessories

• Superior carrying capacities

• Maximum display capabilities.


Ashford steel shelving is assembled into units to form rows of virtually any length, depth and height and is of sufficient strength to support mezzanine floors. Ashford storage experts will design the correct shelving required to give you maximum space saving economy. You are offered a choice of open or closed shelving, arranged in a single row or back to back, single, double or triple tier installations, and what is more, you can dismantle and re-assemble this shelving at any time with unskilled labour. Ashford steel shelving is completely adjustable - the angle posts, back and side panels and shelves are punched with holes at 50.8mm centres. This allows for maximum vertical and horizontal adjustability while still retaining strength and rigidity.


A modular system which provides the facility of garment hanging, flat pack storage and bulk carton storage all in one unit.

The Multi-Rack System adapts easily to growth or changing patterns of stock location.

Multi-Rack is considered a longspan shelving system in some countries.



The Ashford Wire Shop Fitting Systems are highly versatile, quick and easy to install and very cost effective. These systems are attractive and available in any colour on request. They are easily adaptable to fit any shop size and are free standing which allows the formation of eye  catching centre displays. There is also a full range of accessories available e.g. hangsell all sizes, garment hanging, shelving and many many more. Discuss your needs with us - we have the solution.


Ashford manufacture a vast range of static, racking systems either to Ashford specifications or tailor made to suit customer requirements.

The welded Series 75 louvre 2-part pallet storage system gives maximum rigidity and has an integral beam safety-locking tab on the connector. Ashford also produce various bolted racking systems. All systems are fully adjustable and have add on capability both in length and height. Ashford also offer drive-in and mobile racking systems. A full range of accessories are available e.g. Clip over decks, drum supports, backstop and bumper beams, back-to-back ties and timber decks.



The Ashford ‘Series 240’ or Cantilever Racking System offers “long load” storage potential - the same rack can accommodate  material in a wide range of lengths.